Booking | Deposit | Bond

  1. Akacja Medical Resort, hereinafter referred to as the Akacja, accepts reservations made:

    – by phone

    – electronically in the form of an e-mail,

    – through the booking system on the website,

    – through reservation systems such as,

    – in person,


  2. In order to treat a contact with the Akacja as a enquiry for a reservation it is necessary for the interested Party to provide the following:

    – name and surname under which reservation is being made

    – dates of stay

    – number of people in the room and number of rooms

    – client’s contact telephone number

    and in addition: the client’s e-mail account used on a daily basis.

  3. If the Akacja can meet the requirements of the enquirer, it will send the offer and its terms to the e-mail address received from him or her. This is tantamount to the Akacja accepting the not guaranteed pre-booking *.

  4. The Akacja gives prices in PLN, the prices include VAT in the amount compliant with the regulations in force.

  5. Confirmation of the booking at the Akacja is the advance payment made by the booking party to the Akacja account.

  6. The amount of the deposit, appropriate to the value of the entire order – is given in the offer sent to the e-mail of the booking party.

  7. The deposit may not be lower than 30% of the booking value.

  8. The Akacja will set a date to which the client is obliged to pay a deposit to the account in order to book a stay.

  9. If there is no deposit on the Akacja account until the set date – the reservation is treated as non-existent.

  10. The date of payment of the deposit is the date of booking the amount on the Akacja bank account or the date on which the cash for the Akacja deposit will be received.

  11. The Akacja will confirm receipt of payment in accordance with applicable regulations.

  12. From the date of receipt of the deposit on the Akacja account, the reservation becomes an order and has the status of a guaranteed booking **.

  13. The dates of stay and services ordered are binding for both parties, i.e. the Akacja and the client.

  14. The client pays the remaining amount for staying at the Akacja on the day of arrival at the reception desk – before the stay begins.

  15. The payment of 100% of the price for the stay is the conclusion of a contract between the client and the Akacja for a stay pursuant to the order.

  16. The Client’s refusal to pay 100% of the value of the stay on the day of commencement of stay – constitutes the withdrawal of the client from the reservation.

  17. The Akacja will keep the deposit payment.

  18. The Akacja has the right to demand from the client a bond of up to 50% of the value of the stay price – as a security measure.

  19. The bond is returned to the client after the end of the stay. In case of damage, destruction or shortages in the room the bond relates to – the bond is reduced by the amount of losses found. In the case of losses higher than the bond paid, the Akacja will charge the client with the equivalent of using the room for the whole period excluded from use.

  20. Refusal by the client to submit a bond – is tantamount to resignation from the reservation and constitutes a withdrawal from the booking. The Akacja will keep the deposit payment.

  21. The contract, which is an order with confirmation of the reservation – expires on the day of the client’s departure from the Akacja, not later than on the date stipulated in the order.

  22. In case of reservations made through reservation systems such as, the client is bound to obey the rules that were accepted when making a booking on the selected Internet portal.

Cancellation of reservation | Cancellation of stay

  1. Cancellations of reservations can be made by the client at any time.
  2. Cancellation must be made in writing under pain of nullity.
  3. Cancelling a not guaranteed pre-booking is not required. Nevertheless, information about this will facilitate the work of the Akacja reception.
  4. Cancellation of the reservation by the client after the payment of the deposit, guaranteed booking:
    – in the event of cancellation of a guaranteed reservation 2 days or more before the planned date of commencement of stay – the Akacja will refund the amount of the deposit minus bank costs within 7 days;
    – in the event of cancellation of a guaranteed booking made less than 2 days before the date of the planned arrival and the commencement of stay – the money paid is not refundable = the Akacja will keep the deposit payment.
  5. The Akacja may, however, offer the client a different date of stay within 90 days, as far as unoccupied rooms are available. However, if the reservation is for summer months, long weekends and holidays – the money paid is not refundable and cannot be used towards another booking.
  6. Change of the booking date referred to in point 4 – depends each time on the individual assessment of the situation by the Akacja and the possibility of making a change. The Akacja reserves that the change of the stay cannot expose the Akacja to losses, and the client’s demand for a change in the stay does not bind the Akacja in any way.
  7. In the case of shortening the stay by the client, the hotel does not reimburse the costs of unilateral withdrawal from the concluded contract.
  8. The resignation from the reservation made by systems such as is carried out on the terms set out on the intermediary’s website.
  9. Disputes between the client and the hotel will be settled by the court competent for the hotel registered office.
* Not guaranteed pre-booking
– this is a reservation that the Akacja will keep in its base no longer than to an enquiry for this offer (as to the date, resource or period) by another client determined to make a deposit on the Akacja account.
** Guaranteed booking
– services ordered and per-paid for by the client will be ready for his or her arrival within the time and scope specified in the booking. The guest can start the stay at any time of the first hotel day within the dates paid in advance for. In the event of a no-show during the first hotel day – the Akacja will not be bound by the reservation and will keep the deposit paid.