Treatment Centre

At Akacja Medical Resort you will find a very wide range of rehabilitation and relaxation treatments. An experienced team of physiotherapists will make your stay at Akacja Medical Resort help you overcome every ailment.

We specialise in the following areas:

Kinesitherapy – healing gymnastics i.e. treatment with movement. The basis of this field of physiotherapy are physical exercises, various types – active, passive, assisted. Movement is a healing agent that affects the entire body.

Physiotherapy is a healing department in which human body interacts with various physical stimuli, taken from nature such as mud or sun, or produced by special devices, like cryotherapy or various types of currents.

Ms. Agnieszka Kowalewska MA

The head of our physiotherapy, Agnieszka Kowalewska, is an avid lover of movement and healthy lifestyle. Polite and always ready to help others. She proves that movement is not only a way to health but also to a better mood. With her friendly attitude she can make everyone smile. The treatment base is adapted to the most demanding patient’s needs. A pleasant and friendly atmosphere will make the stay easier for everyone who visits us.


Rehabilitation stay

Akacja Medical Resort is a new quality of rest and rehabilitation in Ciechocinek. It is a place where we will take care of your health, improve the quality of life and minimize pain in comfortable conditions.

Health and relaxation stay

A health and relaxation stay at Akacja Medical Resort is a proposal for busy people who want to quickly regenerate while taking care of their priceless health.

Healthy Spine Stay

Back problems are a real nightmare of the 21st century. The sedentary lifestyle, frequent work with the computer, as well as the lack of movement make the majority of society suffer from this ailment.